A Beautiful Historic Essex Village on the Blackwater Estuary
A Beautiful Historic Essex Village on the Blackwater Estuary




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The 95 bus runs through Goldhanger between Tollesbury and Maldon. There are bus stops in Head Street, Church Street, and the village square. Buses don't run that often, so best check the timetable otherwise you'll be left standing - exposed - and we'll all know you didn't check.

The main roads around Goldhanger aren't very cycle-friendly. Traffic is too fast and the bends can be dangerous. You can cycle along the sea wall but need a good pair of tyres for that.

There are plenty of places to walk around here. The sea wall extends as far as Tollesbury in one direction and Heybridge and Maldon in the other.

Local Taxis ×

RS Taxis - Tolleshunt Knights - 07935 990941

Maldon Taxi - Maldon (presumably) - 07966 797741

Beeline Taxis - Maldon - 01621 852633

Banyards - Maldon - 01621 850850

Arrow Taxis - Maldon - 01621 855111

Local Taxi companies:
Click the cab for a list of local taxi companies.

SatNav will often take you to Church Street in Tollesbury or in Maldon (yes, they each have one). It's happened before. It gives the locals something to laugh about. You're probably better off resorting to road signs and some common sense. Or you can find a map here telling you where we are.

There aren't any car parks in the village. Please park sensibly and remember the bus needs to get through and so may the emergency services.

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