A Beautiful Historic Essex Village on the Blackwater Estuary

A Beautiful Historic Essex Village on the Blackwater Estuary




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 Goldhanger Players


Monday 18th November 2019

We now have a committee, an idea for a play, a formal start date for the Players as a group, and a large part of the behind-the-scenes team organised.

Who'd have thought we could have got this far in just 2 weeks - thank you Carol Bonard for your invaluable advice.

Don't forget to send your contact details - email address and phone number - and what role you are willing to take on, to parishmag@goldhanger.org.uk if you haven't already done so. And look out for an invitation to join a WhatsApp group in the near future.

Next formal meeting is on Monday January 13th 2020 at 8.15pm in the Village Hall.

Make sure you have your first subs (£10 - cash until we get a bank account - for first 6 months) ready for payment as Maureen will be chasing you for them pretty soon.

Monday 11th November 2019

We had a brilliant turn out this evening. Thank you so much to everyone for coming along. It seems the Goldhanger Players will be back in action!

The youngest was about 7 yrs old and I don't know how old the oldest was.

Next meeting on Monday 18th November will start at 8.15pm and not at 8pm as previously advertised. Please spread the word and come along if you weren't able to attend this evening. Everyone welcome.

So far we have a producer, actors, and people willing to do the behind the scenes stuff. We still have a number of decisions to make so any input and help will be gratefully received.

Anybody interested in taking part can email parishmag@goldhanger.org.uk with your name and contact details.