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Keeping You and Your Belongings Safe

Some good advice from Essex Police

  1. Lock garden tools securely in the shed - Burglars will be happy to use your tools to break into your house.
  2. Create the illusion your home is occupied - Radio and lights on a timer in rooms you would normally occupy, there is even a device called "Fake TV" that flashes a series of lights when it gets dark that looks like the TV is on.
  3. Lock up properly not just your windows and doors in the house, but also any gates and outbuildings.
  4. Choose a "Park Mark" car park where you can By choosing a Park Mark® Safer Parking facility you are visiting a car park that has been vetted by the Police and has measures in place in order to create a safer environment for both you and your vehicle.
  5. Leave nothing in sight within your car, remove the Sat Nav cradle and clean the mark on the windscreen.
  6. When you lock your car with the remote look for the light flash confirmation or better still try the door handle before leaving the car.
  7. Now you're starting your shop watch your purse, wallet, mobile phone and handbag especially in busy places, don't leave them on display in bags or on counters while you pay, and while you're paying watch that no one is watching you entering your PIN when making purchases or withdrawing cash.
  8. Time to stop for lunch or a cuppa, don't drop your guard. Mobile phone on the table, shopping by the chair, wallet or purse visible, coat, jacket or handbag over the chair, if a thief sees it a thief will steal it.
  9. Need to off-load some of those purchases in the car? Look around, are you being watched? Back to (5 & 6) above again.
  10. Time to go home, don't fall for any distractions while you load the car. If anyone approaches and says something like, "You dropped some money" pointing to cash on the ground, or "Can you tell me the way to ..." while holding a map, lock your car before you turn to them and respond. This is a common ploy with criminals and while you are engaged with them the second person steals from your car on the other side.

Further crime prevention advice can be seen on the Essex Police website.


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