A Beautiful Historic Essex Village on the Blackwater Estuary

A Beautiful Historic Essex Village on the Blackwater Estuary




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Some helpful hints and tips

We love making your magazine look good, but we also need your help to do this. Hopefully these tips will make things quicker and easier for you as well as for us.

Sending articles and notices

If you are just sending us text, please write your article directly into the body of an email. We can simply copy it out. There is no need to send a text document attachment.

We use Apple computers and Word Documents don’t always look the same to us as they will to you (we don’t have Word installed) - fonts change, positioning of paragraphs and photos can change.


If you have a particular layout in mind, or you’re sending images with an article, it would be helpful if you could create your article in your document in the way you would like it to appear and then convert it to a PDF (Portable Document Format) to send us. We are able to insert a PDF straight into the magazine (in the same way we add photos) without having to copy anything out and without any changes to the appearance of your article.

If the software you use will not convert to PDF, there are a number of free online services you can use, such as: www.freepdfconvert.com/ and convertonlinefree.com/

Capital letters

Please do not use all capital letters in your article - it is more difficult to read when in long passages. Capitals are fine for headings and titles.


We accept PDF, JPG, PNG files as this will preserve your layout and design. If your advert only contains text then a simple email will do. You will be able to format the size and layout of the text in your email for us to copy out.


Please check your submissions for accuracy and spelling as we do not always have time to do this for you.

Thank You

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