A Beautiful Historic Essex Village on the Blackwater Estuary

A Beautiful Historic Essex Village on the Blackwater Estuary




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Explore the links for all your local information and events. Find out how to get here, what the tide's doing (what it's done for countless millenia I suppose), and what the weather may or not be like when you visit.

Take a look at Goldhanger's lovely little Parish Magazine while you're here. It's delivered free to everyone in Goldhanger and is also available for download in glorious technicolour around the middle of each month.

Goldhanger is now on YouTube - we're really modern you know. We'll be adding more videos as time goes on. If you have something Goldhanger-related you think the world would like to see, please get in touch.

 Quick Links:

You are invited to Goldhanger Village Hall Committee AGM (and cheese and wine)

ALL villagers are welcome to come along to this presentation to find out about latest funding decisions and project updates. This is part of the continuing consultation and feedback with the community and an opportunity to make comments and suggestions and raise questions.

The AGM will form a brief part of the evening after which they will be providing cheese and wine for you to enjoy during the presentation.

Please come along; a huge volunteer effort is going into this project. We have a great community and together we can make it happen.

Read more ...

Interested in joining a Goldhanger Speedwatch group?. The Parish Council is looking at the possibility of setting up a Community Speed Watch group in Goldhanger.

This is a group of volunteers who work with Essex Police to use speed detection devices to monitor vehicles travelling in 30 and 40 mph speed limits.

Volunteers are trained and supported by the Police, and if a speed offence is detected by the Group a letter will be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle with the aim of educating them to reduce speed and stick to speed limits. Anyone who repeats offences or is well over the speed limit will be highlighted to Essex Police’s Casualty Reduction Team and could face prosecution.

The Speed Watch scheme covers the whole country, and there are active groups in this area.

However, in order to run successfully volunteers are needed to work with the police to reduce speeding on Essex roads and make them safer.

If you are interested in joining a Goldhanger Community Speed Watch Group, please contact Julia Bourn (Chair of the Parish Council - contact details can be found here).

Magazine Donations 2018

Wow! Aren't you a lovely generous lot? Since the donation envelopes dropped through your doors you have given over £1000! An amazing amount. A very big thank you to all of you.

Every penny counts towards maintaining the magazine and keeping it free for all villagers.

If you haven't yet popped some money through our doors, or if you can't find your envelope, don't despair, any old envelope will do. You don't have to rummage around in the dog's dinner to retrieve the one that came with the magazine. Whether it's a few pennies or a few quid it all counts.

New Social Groups at the Village Hall. Would you like to get together with like-minded people for mutual support, sharing of interests, hobbies, or other recreations?

If you'd like to start, or enquire about, a new group at the Village Hall, please contact Steve Clarke. Read more here.

The Village Hall needs you. Goldhanger Village Hall Committee needs volunteers to help with organising, planning and helping out at events throughout the year, as well as the regular maintenance working parties to keep the hall ship-shape and Bristol fashion. Read more here.

 Local Tradespeople

Electric King

Paul Clary

Free Talking Newspaper

Free Talking Newspaper (recording of the Maldon or Burnham Standard)


Free Talking Newspaper
- recording of the Maldon or Burnham Standard

Do you know someone who would like to keep up to date with local news but has difficulty reading the newspaper?

Would they be interested in a FREE recording of the Maldon or Burnham Standard, produced by volunteers of the local Talking Newspaper group, delivered to their door?

If so, or for more information, please contact Helen Taylor on 01621 740736



 More Quick Links:

Donate to the Parish Magazine

Help keep it going for another 100 years.

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Donate to the Goldhanger Parish Magazine

If you enjoy reading our magazine please consider making a small donation.

You can drop donations in to the magazine editors at 12a Church Street if you are using cash or cheque. Please make cheques payable to 'Goldhanger Parish Magazine' (yes, it's as simple as that).

The Parish Magazine is run entirely by volunteers and is free to every household in the village. Advertising and donations are the only source of income, which allows us to keep it that way.

All revenue from advertising and donations goes to the Parish Mag bank account. PayPal charge a very small percentage (depending on the amount of the donation) for using their service.

If you would prefer to donate online close this window and click the 'Donate' button. You don't need a PayPal account, you can choose to pay with a credit or debit card without having to sign in to PayPal.

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Getting here and being here

The 95 bus runs between Tollesbury and Maldon and back again. In Goldhanger there are bus stops in Head Street, Church Street, and the village square. Buses don't run that often, so best check the timetable otherwise you'll be left standing.

SatNav will often take you to Church Street in Tollesbury or in Maldon (yes, they each have one - it's happened before). It gives the locals something to laugh about. You're probably better off resorting to FlatNav - - or you can find a helpful map here.

We're tidal here you know, which means a lot of water goes in and out of the estuary ... twice a day mostly. The tide timetable will help keep you safe as well as tell you when the water's up for a good photo opportunity.

There are no car parks in Goldhanger. Please don't park like a twat when you get here. We have a bus through the village and it needs room to pass and to stop. Be considerate of the people who live here and don't park in the bus stop or on junctions.